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Young Gaara

Posted on 05.10.09 5:23PM under Gaara

I like this picture of a young Gaara because he actually looks quite happy!

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  1. Posted by emily mackenzie (hinata hyuga) on 06.01.09 6:04 pm

    awwwwwww hes sooooooooooooo cute!!!! hes adorable!!!

  2. Posted by ashley on 07.14.09 12:07 pm

    awwww major cuteness!!!!!

  3. Posted by Moriyama on 07.28.09 11:09 pm

    he used that eyeliner since kid

  4. Posted by flowersong on 10.28.09 11:10 pm

    hes so cute ! and adorable i could eat him right up ~!~:)

    but thats not eye liner on naruto manga volume2 the 3rd hokage said if someones experienced a very bad sadness/anger for a long time then there eyes turn cold .
    i think they put that in the manga to know why his eyes are like that naruto never had it though .

    hes my fav character !him and kakashi,sakura,naruto(ofcourse) and lee

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