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Posted on 08.19.12 10:33AM under News

Naruto Ultimate Ninja is a free Naruto website with…

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  1. Posted by saeed on 03.31.08 6:45 am

    i am saeed naruto biggest fan in the world my unkle works in naruto so i get to watch all the episodes that are not even out yet ^_^

  2. Posted by HotFreeLayouts on 04.02.08 11:37 am

    This website is very well put together and a very good source for naruto pictures, wallpapers etc.

  3. Posted by anthony on 05.14.08 1:41 am

    naruto is mi favoruit

  4. Posted by Sasori/Deidara/Tobi on 08.24.08 8:52 pm

    where can i post pics?
    i have alot of new ones^^
    please read this and tell me

  5. Posted by Vesna like Sasuke93 on 10.22.08 2:10 pm

    I like Sakura. But my love is ROCK LEE! He is very good and I like it! What you think?

  6. Posted by Vesna like Sasuke93 on 10.22.08 2:12 pm

    And I like Sasuke! I love Sasuke and Rock Lee! They are the best! What you think? Do I’m your idol?

  7. Posted by Vencent Leo Williams on 11.04.08 12:49 pm

    I like the pics they look cool


  8. Posted by naruto998 on 11.13.08 9:54 am

    yo i lov naruto it rocks

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