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Welcome to the Naruto Wallpaper page. This is the place to view and download all the best Naruto wallpapers and Naruto backgrounds.

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Akatsuki Wallpapers Anko Wallpapers
Asuma Wallpapers Deidara Wallpapers
Fox Demon Wallpapers Gaara Wallpapers
Gamabunta Wallpapers Gamakichi Wallpapers
Haku Wallpapers Hidan Wallpapers
Hinata Wallpapers Ino Wallpapers
Iruka Wallpapers Itachi Wallpapers
Jiraiya Wallpapers Kabuto Wallpapers
Kakashi Wallpapers Kakuzu Wallpapers
Kankuro Wallpapers Karin Wallpapers
Kiba Wallpapers Kimimaro Wallpapers
Kisame Wallpapers Konan Wallpapers
Kurenai Wallpapers Miscellaneous Wallpapers
Naruto Wallpapers Neji Wallpapers
Obito Wallpapers Orochimaru Wallpapers
Pakkun Wallpapers Pain (Pein) Wallpapers
Rikudou Wallpapers Rock Lee Wallpapers
Sai Wallpapers Sakura Wallpapers
Sasori Wallpapers Sasuke Wallpapers
Shikamaru Wallpapers Shino Wallpapers
Shodai Hokage Wallpapers Tayuya Wallpapers
Team Hebi Wallpapers Temari Wallpapers
Tenten Wallpapers Tobi Wallpapers
Tsunade Wallpapers Uchiha Madara Wallpapers
Yamato Wallpapers Yondaime Wallpapers
Zabuza Wallpapers Zetsu Wallpapers

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  1. Posted by Darren on 05.28.09 12:14 am

    great wallpapers!

  2. Posted by KUNOICHI on 05.28.09 9:44 am


  3. Posted by Ninetails on 05.28.09 8:19 pm

    Don’t know why you couldn’t find them but here are Naruto’s Wallpapers!

  4. Posted by KUNOICHI on 05.31.09 11:50 pm

    i mean specific naruto’s pics

  5. Posted by Ninetails on 06.01.09 3:12 pm

    Still not sure what you mean LOL

  6. Posted by KUNOICHI on 06.03.09 11:56 am

    i found that pic which i wanted .
    thanx 4 ur help.

  7. Posted by Ninetails on 06.03.09 2:13 pm

    Glad you found what you were looking for!

    If you need anything else let me know!!

  8. Posted by Dinusha on 06.24.09 2:05 pm

    Wat a great collection of naruto pics.dis z da best toon i ever watch.guy plz let me knw mor knw abt da Naruto.

  9. Posted by ashley on 07.14.09 12:33 pm

    awesome wallpapers!!

  10. Posted by joshua benjamin on 07.25.09 11:48 pm

    can you add a picture that naruto and hinata is married!

  11. Posted by atul on 08.13.09 4:28 am

    naruto fans join the group of naruto on hi5

  12. Posted by nareshreddy on 09.07.09 1:17 am

    naruto is confident man

  13. Posted by collis toney on 09.28.09 10:49 pm

    thank u for making naruto

  14. Posted by leander holloman on 10.17.09 10:38 am

    nice wall papers

  15. Posted by Vampie on 11.13.09 1:25 pm

    Where are Kakashi’s wallpapers?

  16. Posted by *gaarasgirl* on 12.05.09 12:41 pm

    sweet wallpapers

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