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Sakura Dress Up Game

Dress up Sakura in lots of different outfits in this fun dressing up game!


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  1. Posted by gaby on 08.13.08 12:50 pm


  2. Posted by hannahato on 10.19.08 11:44 pm

    Hey wats up pple.Let me know whitch naruto charteer u like and tell me. ok. well bye.

  3. Posted by temari on 10.25.08 12:21 am

    dis is a kool game

  4. Posted by sakura on 10.28.08 11:43 am

    cool game

  5. Posted by sakura on 10.30.08 8:33 am

    cooollllllllllll gameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. Posted by hinata on 11.05.08 10:09 am

    hinata hinata hinata

  7. Posted by hinata on 11.06.08 6:48 am

    sakura stinks

  8. Posted by argenis collado on 11.17.08 7:19 pm

    my favorite charactar is kumkuro

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