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Naruto Dating Sim Game

Seek fun and adventure in this Naruto dating simulator game!

This game may require a minute to download if you have a slow connection.


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  1. Posted by wenderson on 07.28.08 6:12 pm

    joga,e bom!!!!!!!!

  2. Posted by kankuro on 08.01.08 10:13 am

    wah not bad

  3. Posted by mattmatt on 08.11.08 2:26 pm

    cool game why is other not an option with sasuke

  4. Posted by Bridgjett on 08.13.08 4:07 pm

    sweet game, I just cant kiss or acctually flirt with them without running out of days. and i always end up doing bad things to shika!!! any way yeah. sweet.

  5. Posted by demons on 08.14.08 1:17 pm

    this games is cool

  6. Posted by demons on 08.14.08 1:20 pm

    hav one of u tried out the new naruto games on ps3!!!!!!!!!!!! it is sick

  7. Posted by Cindy on 08.16.08 9:26 pm

    ..other IS an option with Sasuke…*bleck*

  8. Posted by WhiteTerror on 08.23.08 4:10 pm

    what should i do when the blue screen with the sakura`s notes apear?

  9. Posted by fatih okan on 08.24.08 7:47 am

    I didnt really understand this game. What should i do after i have sasuke,naruto and lee’s date thingies???

  10. Posted by john on 08.29.08 7:26 pm

    this game is great

  11. Posted by someone on 09.02.08 5:38 am

    hey, what are the other places we can go to that are blank with naruto’s, sasuke’s and lee’s house?? i’m confused..

  12. Posted by Coddie on 09.06.08 10:50 am

    What option comes under date because there is an empty space there

  13. Posted by anime_fan on 09.13.08 12:01 pm

    awesome game

  14. Posted by narutochick102 on 09.13.08 2:32 pm

    Hey can anyone explain to me how to do the dating thing to get the kiss or even the flirt?

  15. Posted by anime_fan on 09.14.08 9:01 am

    i can.u have 2 first get the heart thing full then u can kiss.

  16. Posted by xD on 09.25.08 7:00 pm

    First get chakra,intelligence or sterng to 99 (depening on which guy u want).Then buy the thing in the new location, then get his experience to 4000.Now date and give the object to him. THen kiss. NOw you’ll get “other” option.It’s … well… u know…something that happens… when people loves someone… and then… well…

  17. Posted by shekinah domingo on 09.26.08 11:50 pm

    i love this game

  18. Posted by shekinah domingo on 09.27.08 2:13 am


  19. Posted by arun on 09.27.08 8:41 am

    no one beat naruto the ultimate ninja

  20. Posted by owner on 09.27.08 11:10 am

    ho ho i owned it!day 20 with full charm-strength-chackra-intelligence 1500 money and dated everyone twice!

  21. Posted by Naruto on 10.02.08 6:28 am


  22. Posted by ghenkaiKat on 10.02.08 9:12 am

    sooooo cool!!i go to shikamaru!!he he!!

  23. Posted by Naruto Fan on 10.09.08 2:48 pm

    Hey, i already play this game in other side, after 4 dates with one of this guys you will have the option ” others ” and thats soo XXX

  24. Posted by swetha on 10.11.08 3:27 am

    I love this game. its so sweet

  25. Posted by pixel243 on 10.12.08 7:57 pm

    the other four signs below the guys name should be river, plains,outskirts, and alley. to get one sign, you need to have 99 for something Ex: chakra, strength ect.
    the person there will want to sell you something for 300 each item will be perfect for one person you are on date with.

  26. Posted by ChloKat on 10.15.08 4:51 pm

    Love it so much I’ll play it 247!

  27. Posted by parkdog on 10.16.08 1:45 pm

    this game is so much fun to play all the time

  28. Posted by than on 10.16.08 11:50 pm


  29. Posted by nili on 10.17.08 7:59 am

    it was a doog game

  30. Posted by sasuhina4ever on 10.17.08 8:18 am

    Hey I love the game it would be more fun if it was hinata insteed of sakura! Oh and sakura in japan means ugly how weard!

  31. Posted by Von on 10.18.08 1:10 am


  32. Posted by naruto on 10.19.08 12:40 am

    awsome awsome coooooooooooooolest game i never played a game like this even though it was hard

  33. Posted by Naruto on 10.30.08 8:34 am


  34. Posted by NarutoLoveForever on 10.31.08 3:48 pm

    lOVE this game and love naruto

  35. Posted by Ssakura on 11.01.08 6:23 am


  36. Posted by ElBarto on 11.01.08 8:51 am

    You can have XXX whit:Shikamaru,Naruto,Sasuke and Lee.Whit Shikamaru you have to go to day 51.Lee,Naruto and Sasuke for them you have to have 5 harts and 4000 exp.

  37. Posted by NarutoLover on 11.02.08 10:42 am

    I got to date SASUKE AND Naruto but don’t know how to kiss.

  38. Posted by sakura on 11.05.08 3:09 pm

    sakura rulez! CHA!!

  39. Posted by ilovethisgame on 11.09.08 12:52 pm

    i love this game i did “other” option with all of them

  40. Posted by watchahappenwityou on 11.09.08 6:14 pm

    is there anything else after date?

  41. Posted by Lightningalchemist on 11.12.08 9:33 am

    Was not expecting that

  42. Posted by Hotaru Yamanaka on 11.15.08 8:03 pm

    That was *twitch*…totally awesome! i ended up w/ Lee..^///^ & im going to play again! 😀 (no i do not support sakulee..why u ask? im 1 of his fangirls!!!^^)

  43. Posted by maeesha on 11.20.08 4:50 am

    i finished this game

  44. Posted by tatiana abdulkhalek on 11.20.08 3:30 pm

    iloooooooooooooooooooooooove naruto and hinata but I wish more games of Naruto and hinata

  45. Posted by Hentaifanz on 11.20.08 10:07 pm

    i like it..

  46. Posted by Killex the Chillaz on 11.22.08 1:01 pm

    Okay, I played this game three times, and on the third go I managed to max out EVERYTHING I had, and by the third one I succeeded in like six dates with Naruto, but in the end I still had Shiki visit me. But I chose all three different sayings for Shiki, and I did get that weird ending… oh dear… scary what Sakura does.


    it was awesome, though!

  47. Posted by super cool on 11.22.08 3:16 pm

    this game is so cool!and it’s not just because I’m a girl.

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