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Naruto Battle Grounds

Defeat all the enemies and using a combination of skills, reach and defeat the villain chief at the end of the game.



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  1. Posted by Lucian on 09.01.08 3:16 pm

    finish the mission just by running and jump over the bad guys

  2. Posted by zherot on 09.27.08 5:50 pm


  3. Posted by Lim Win Dee on 09.30.08 5:23 am


  4. Posted by justice on 10.03.08 6:39 pm

    yo awesome game dude love the transportation man oh its rendoculous

  5. Posted by justice on 10.03.08 6:40 pm

    how do ya get to the next level man

  6. Posted by Luke on 10.06.08 1:36 am

    Damn this game i won the game by jumping only. THis is the worst naruto game i had ever seen

  7. Posted by Kakarot on 10.09.08 5:51 am

    This thing is AWESOME!

  8. Posted by Hinata&Sakura&InoRule on 10.09.08 5:56 am

    i wanted to select a sexy girl

  9. Posted by jonathan on 10.14.08 8:11 am

    i dont realy like this game because it has only one level.I would suggest that you add at least 10 levels

  10. Posted by KAMIL on 10.17.08 11:28 am


  11. Posted by Patrik on 10.21.08 9:50 am


  12. Posted by anthony Ferrell on 10.22.08 5:32 pm

    im a naruto fan..

  13. Posted by Naruto on 10.30.08 5:54 am

    cool game

  14. Posted by Nikola Draskovic on 11.03.08 11:26 am

    my favorite is itachi. 🙂

  15. Posted by basito on 11.08.08 2:49 pm

    damn dis game taks a lot of time 2 load but its okay

  16. Posted by naruto on 11.12.08 7:42 am

    hye i’m naruto me i hokage and the stronger hahahhaha..

  17. Posted by bailey on 11.18.08 5:12 am

    i love gaara

  18. Posted by alex on 11.20.08 7:56 pm

    this game is easy i baet this game i wish sasuke and neji and gaara where in the game i love naruto yaaa

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