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Dress Up Hinata Game

In this game you get to dress up Hinata in lots of different outfits!


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  1. Posted by RoziZeka on 09.01.08 9:27 am


  2. Posted by shekinah domingo on 09.27.08 2:18 am

    i like hinata

  3. Posted by atanih on 09.27.08 3:36 pm

    ffffffffffffffffff hinata

  4. Posted by sakura on 10.14.08 2:05 am

    hinatais cuite

  5. Posted by Mira on 10.18.08 7:44 am

    Hinata is soooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuute! XD

  6. Posted by ikeoluwa afolayan on 10.19.08 8:07 am

    hinata is totally the best

  7. Posted by Hinata on 10.23.08 4:41 am

    Hinata is so cute … i totally love her … !!

  8. Posted by jimminater on 10.23.08 5:07 pm

    hinata is sooooooooo @%*# hooooooot!!!!

  9. Posted by Mary Alyssa on 10.26.08 11:28 pm

    i like hinata she is cool like naruto!

  10. Posted by hinata on 11.06.08 9:21 am

    i just kind of hate sakura

  11. Posted by hinata on 11.07.08 9:08 am

    me three
    i hate sakura

  12. Posted by hinata on 11.08.08 9:54 am

    hinata is awsome

  13. Posted by emerald skye on 11.08.08 2:03 pm

    hinata+naruto 4ever!!!!

  14. Posted by emerald skye on 11.08.08 2:06 pm

    i want a temari dress up game !! or sakura!!or ino!!

  15. Posted by emerald skye on 11.08.08 2:13 pm

    hey girls out there!! who is hotter , Kiba , Sasuke , or Gaara??
    i say Gaara all the way!!

  16. Posted by peke_naru_xika on 11.10.08 2:54 pm

    hinata is c00l!

    i like hinata

    y love naruto!

  17. Posted by sasuke on 11.14.08 12:31 pm

    i totally love hinata and this game is cooooooooool

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