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Create A Character Game

Create a Naruto character in this fun to play dress up flash game.


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  1. Posted by falcon phoenix on 08.21.08 7:22 pm

    lets see if you can beat me if you can move as fast a me

  2. Posted by junel01 on 08.21.08 8:23 pm

    for junel i was wondering can you teach me how to be a ninja?

  3. Posted by shekinah domingo on 09.27.08 12:33 am

    i love you sasuke

  4. Posted by Sakura on 09.29.08 10:45 pm


  5. Posted by rami on 09.30.08 11:18 pm

    you people hoo made all of this games you need
    more games

  6. Posted by rami on 09.30.08 11:19 pm

    nice games yo

  7. Posted by rj mean rami jonson on 10.02.08 8:42 pm

    i hate the 1st song

  8. Posted by rj mean rami jonson on 10.06.08 8:02 pm

    nice games

  9. Posted by rj mean rami jonson on 10.06.08 8:06 pm

    i love you

  10. Posted by Cheez on 10.10.08 2:10 pm

    The should make a shippuden version of this

  11. Posted by sonic2219 on 10.27.08 5:43 pm

    i love u naruto u r my bro

  12. Posted by sonic2219 on 10.28.08 8:13 am

    naruto i love u but u r my bro but i like the games on psp ,ps2,ps3,will,ds,xbox360,gameboy. u rock!!!!!!!

  13. Posted by Kagemane on 10.28.08 11:26 am

    Yeah! Shippuden Version now! Shikamaru rocks!

  14. Posted by Raven on 10.31.08 2:08 pm


  15. Posted by #1 Naruto fan on 10.31.08 6:09 pm

    Shikamaru!?!? ARE YOU CRAZY!?!?

  16. Posted by LUKAS on 11.01.08 3:36 pm


  17. Posted by Kage Sarutobi, 3th hokage. on 11.10.08 11:49 am

    Kagemane is right: SHIKAMARU ROCKS! gaara too…

  18. Posted by blazen on 11.20.08 11:30 pm

    you are the crazy ninja but i don like this games

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