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We have lots of Online Naruto Games for you to Play For FREE! We add new Naruto Flash Games often, so be sure to bookmark this page and tell your friends!
You can play Naruto Action Games, Naruto Fighting Games, Naruto Dating Sim Games, Naruto Dress Up Games and more great Naruto Games for free online, right here, anytime you like.
Naruto Star Students
Naruto Invaders
Escort Tazuna safely to his home in the land of waves. Space Invaders meets Naruto!
Naruto Battle Grounds
Hand Signs Training
Defeat all the enemies to reach the villain chief. Find the matching hand signs.
Naruto Kunai Dodging Game
Zabuza Shadow Game
Guide Naruto to avoid the Ninja Shuriken! Defeat the evil Zabuza and his shadow clones using your mouse!
Sasuke Tree Climbing Game
Naruto Clone Game
Help Sasuke improve his chakra control in this tree climbing game! One Naruto is the real one, the other ones are just clones!
Naruto Dating Sim Game
Naruto Fighting Game
Seek fun and adventure in this Naruto dating simulator! An intense Naruto fighting game. Be sure to read the instructions!
Naruto Olympics Game
Naruto Dating Game
Guide Naruto’s head in this Olympic styled Naruto RPG game! Chat to female characters from Naruto. Answer correctly and get a date!
Create A Character Game
Sakura Dress Up Game
Choose clothes, hair, eyes and more to create a Naruto character! Dress Sakura up as Full metal alchemist Yuna, Final fantasy Kairi, Kingdom Hearts Anna, and more!
Dress Up Hinata Game
Female Dress Up Game
Dress up Hinata Hyuga in this Naruto flash game! Choose which female Naruto character to dress up!


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  1. Posted by allie on 07.24.08 9:49 pm

    i love all these naruto games

  2. Posted by jhjghjgh on 07.30.08 8:49 pm

    cool! kick@$$

  3. Posted by jhjghjgh on 07.30.08 8:53 pm

    slide show be awesome me love it

  4. Posted by sammy on 07.31.08 11:00 am

    dude the naruto fighting game is like a super hard game on easy even if u know the instruction

  5. Posted by Yumi on 08.05.08 8:19 am

    It’s cool but there should be more games^^

  6. Posted by narutossj2 on 08.09.08 9:58 pm

    how do you make a flash game

  7. Posted by c.jayakarthick on 08.16.08 8:58 am

    we need more games .this is not enough pls give more games.we want to play.i want to see the naruto images.can you mail to this id

  8. Posted by naruto on 08.17.08 3:03 am

    i jus love dis games!!!

  9. Posted by Jamie on 08.19.08 3:59 am

    i didnt relise hinata was so hot

  10. Posted by wahid on 08.20.08 6:24 am

    dis game is de best game ninja storm

  11. Posted by sunshine on 08.21.08 11:31 pm

    coool games………..

  12. Posted by jeet kun do on 08.23.08 11:45 am


  13. Posted by ninchy on 09.06.08 12:23 pm

    (i from slovenija)dis games is so,so cool

  14. Posted by Marko on 09.07.08 6:13 am


  15. Posted by hinata hyuga on 09.16.08 11:35 am

    u guys need to get chinin showdown on here

  16. Posted by tsunade on 09.20.08 5:17 pm

    naut is so cool.but sasuke is so H.O.T hot like on fire

  17. Posted by MOCHACOLAMAN on 09.21.08 12:44 pm


  18. Posted by a.g on 09.23.08 1:20 am

    im from iran.
    man dis games is coooooooool. more please …

  19. Posted by sakura 18 on 09.24.08 7:59 am

    hi i’m from japan and , wow , this games are awesome , if u can add more games will be great … ^^

  20. Posted by kiba dude on 09.27.08 7:54 pm

    I love this site its kick @$$!

  21. Posted by kiba dude on 09.27.08 8:01 pm

    il ike the dress up games! sigh i know thats weird cause im a boy sigh!

  22. Posted by rj on 09.28.08 12:38 pm

    i like the naruto drees up game lol

  23. Posted by aleksandar on 09.28.08 9:52 am

    i love you kakasi

  24. Posted by rj on 09.28.08 12:33 pm

    this is a cool game

  25. Posted by rj mean rami jonson on 09.28.08 12:40 pm

    this is a ok game

  26. Posted by kakashi on 09.30.08 7:48 am

    hey sakura your so sexy

  27. Posted by ANGELA on 09.30.08 2:59 pm

    I like the Naruto Dating Game

  28. Posted by black wolf on 10.02.08 5:58 pm

    i love to toke to my friands

  29. Posted by black wolf on 10.02.08 6:07 pm

    i love the games to but i love to toke to my feiands.

  30. Posted by babby on 10.02.08 6:13 pm

    thy sude mack new games

  31. Posted by rj mean rami jonson on 10.02.08 8:32 pm

    dress up naruto nice

  32. Posted by adrian on 10.03.08 4:19 pm

    hi i like naruto i have naruto ultimate ninja1,naruto ultimate ninja2 and naruto ultimate ninja3

  33. Posted by Naruto on 10.04.08 6:50 pm

    how do we get to town square on Naruto olympics game

  34. Posted by kibarox on 10.05.08 9:34 am

    this is so cool

  35. Posted by vcnm on 10.07.08 12:40 pm

    this site is the bets

  36. Posted by vy on 10.10.08 3:53 am

    cool website and i love it!!!

  37. Posted by rj mean rami Jonson on 10.10.08 4:46 pm

    cool games

  38. Posted by swetha on 10.11.08 1:35 am

    I love you saskue

  39. Posted by krishna on 10.12.08 1:39 am


  40. Posted by hinata on 10.14.08 11:31 am

    of course shino or sasuke i can sob

  41. Posted by hinata on 10.14.08 11:32 am

    hey every body so how r u naruto talk please i cant come to u please i am begging u

  42. Posted by hinata on 10.14.08 11:36 am

    hi japan girl guess i am from japan too andego choto hegeref !!!

  43. Posted by hinata on 10.14.08 11:42 am


  44. Posted by SAIFUL on 10.15.08 6:54 am


  45. Posted by TashaYuki352145 on 10.15.08 5:33 pm


  46. Posted by hinata on 10.17.08 3:15 am

    hi plese any one answere d my call yet

  47. Posted by sasuke darknes clan on 10.17.08 10:25 am

    hi i a sasuke darknes clan and i like this every games naruto is cool 🙂

  48. Posted by sasuke darknes clan on 10.17.08 10:27 am

    and i buy naruto3 naruto1 and naruto2 is very very cool and i have 10000 euro $) 🙂

  49. Posted by KIBASUKE on 10.18.08 11:39 am

    I love the role playing game

  50. Posted by Lim Si Eian on 10.19.08 3:17 am

    i like Sasuke. He’s the best

  51. Posted by sakura 18 on 10.19.08 11:36 am

    oh really ? good to see someone who understand me !

  52. Posted by hinata on 10.20.08 1:09 pm

    oh hi puff huff i am sorry i still cant chat darndarn dran! 0_0

  53. Posted by hinata on 10.20.08 1:11 pm

    oh hm didnot hink so -_-

  54. Posted by sakura + hinata = me on 10.20.08 5:25 pm

    hey people i looovveee this site i think kiba is sooo hot

  55. Posted by MR DEATH on 10.21.08 6:27 pm

    whats up ppl

  56. Posted by melissa on 10.22.08 8:38 pm

    hi my name is melissa

  57. Posted by cvetelina on 10.25.08 6:44 am

    i like you

  58. Posted by Gaara on 10.27.08 12:43 am

    These games are lots of fun

  59. Posted by Komknia on 10.30.08 10:48 am


  60. Posted by Kakashi on 10.30.08 5:31 pm


  61. Posted by NACHIKETA DAVE on 11.01.08 4:15 am


  62. Posted by yoyobobo on 11.01.08 4:33 pm

    the dating game where you play as naruto sucks it doesn’t let you choose,what if you DON’T WANT TO BE WITH SAKURA!?!?!

  63. Posted by sasuke on 11.02.08 3:58 pm

    these games are cool.I like these games.there fun.

  64. Posted by sasuke uciha on 11.03.08 5:55 am

    i love game NARUTO DATING SIM GAME!!!!!!!!!

  65. Posted by saiuke uchiha on 11.04.08 10:15 pm

    ….is som body know how to download naruto games for free

  66. Posted by hinata on 11.08.08 7:25 am

    i luv the chat ny name is yeye

  67. Posted by hinata on 11.08.08 9:19 am

    these game are awsome

  68. Posted by Berry on 11.08.08 8:35 pm

    yup you right,this games is lots of fun 😀

  69. Posted by jorge on 11.09.08 5:31 pm

    I LIKE THE game of naruto

  70. Posted by arianna465 on 11.10.08 5:44 pm

    i love the tv show and i am THE BIGGEST FAN and my dad 2. i love NARUTO

  71. Posted by arianna465 on 11.10.08 5:46 pm

    i think sasuke is cute

  72. Posted by naruto64 on 11.11.08 6:14 pm

    All of the girls r so hot! I love the data sims and the dress up games!

  73. Posted by Night Striker on 11.13.08 3:17 pm

    iam in the house sasuke and shigamoru rulez

  74. Posted by Naruto15 on 11.15.08 12:43 am

    i love naruto and these games

  75. Posted by SASUKE cRAZY on 11.15.08 10:24 pm


  76. Posted by Lakshmi on 11.16.08 5:51 am

    hi sakura im your biggest fan i know you like and thats y im telling you you got it goving on girl and naruto hinata has been wonderring thit you like her or not but ecept her becoes hinata sakura sasuke and kekashi is the pepleo you know you can trust and for sasuke sakura has a maejer crush on you

  77. Posted by Sasuke on 11.20.08 8:48 am

    hey guyz did u know wat is my idol character??? Answer:SASUKE

  78. Posted by JERICCO on 11.21.08 6:13 am

    naruto,sasuke and specialy kakashi!! they rule!!!!!

  79. Posted by jericco on 11.21.08 6:25 am

    hey! im sasuke’s best friend! so if u want to know anything about him,just ask me!

  80. Posted by Sasuke on 11.21.08 6:55 am


  81. Posted by ANIBA on 11.21.08 12:41 pm

    hi sasuke i looooooooooooooooooooove you soo much u r the best and the coolest

  82. Posted by sasukelover on 11.21.08 12:43 pm

    sauke i love u so much u r the coolest and you rock

  83. Posted by ikuj on 11.22.08 5:08 pm

    choji is weak and can’t beat jorobu without his dumb pills

  84. Posted by sarah on 11.23.08 5:03 pm

    1,oooo+fun= superfun!!!!!!

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