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Posted on 09.11.09 12:02PM under Naruto Characters

This is a cool picture showing some of my favorite Naruto characters!

I love the angle of the picture and the way Ino’s hair is sticking out!

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  1. Posted by sakura haruno on 09.12.09 11:02 am

    wow great picture!! i really like it !! ^_^

  2. Posted by ankita on 10.06.09 2:48 am

    i like this picture . but i dont see sasuke anywhere is he
    gone is he gone for a date somewhere? i am just joking
    please dont take it serious ><

  3. Posted by Rhen on 10.11.09 9:56 pm

    ….Hey guys its a wonderful pose for all of you…I love You Sasuke!!! More powers Naruto..

    God bless!!!!

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