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Naruto Carrying Hinata

Posted on 06.19.09 7:36PM under Hinata, Naruto

Naruto and Hinata look like they are having fun in this picture.

Naruto is carrying Hinata on his shoulders!

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  1. Posted by Stewart Griffin on 07.14.09 5:15 pm

    This photograph is extremely beautiful, i like the fact that the naruto is carrying hinata, and they are enjoying it, plus the fact that the weight of the scroll is already weighing him down.

  2. Posted by Timothy Brown on 07.14.09 8:02 pm

    Beautiful picture, i particulary like the fact that he has the big scroll on. The scroll would already weigh him down a little bit, but with hinata sitting on his shoulders, and her full weight being applied, Naruto has to give a lot of effort just to lift her up. this pic is awesome. 5 out of 5.

  3. Posted by SUVENDU on 08.31.09 5:05 pm

    this is really a beautiful picture….

  4. Posted by Y3llah on 10.24.09 4:51 am

    I fell in love with this pic the moment I saw it!

    I remember bumping into it in deviantArt some time ago, but there’s no way I could find it now. Do you perhaps have the link for it because I would LOVE to have it in better resolution?

  5. Posted by nais on 11.02.09 12:37 am

    i think this picture is real its extremely accurate… cant wait for this to happen in the actual anime

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