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Welcome to the Naruto Avatars & Icons page. This is the place to get all your Naruto anime avatars and Naruto icons!

Do you prefer animated or non-animated avatars?

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  1. Posted by Jinx on 05.31.09 9:02 pm

    I love them all!!

  2. Posted by kakuzu all mine on 06.17.09 9:01 am

    hey id to but i love kakuzu more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Posted by hinata1#fan on 07.09.09 2:16 pm

    i like hinata with her hand sighs COOL 🙂

  4. Posted by bittersweet music on 07.24.09 12:25 pm

    omg this photo are soooo sweet ^^ especially this

  5. Posted by sasuke uchiha on 08.03.09 6:21 am

    sasuke uchiha & itachi uchiha
    soooooooooooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeet and roxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Posted by sasuke uchiha on 08.03.09 6:22 am

    sasuke uchiha kill naruto & itachi

    last warning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Posted by darcy on 08.24.09 10:43 pm

    Sasuke is SO kool!
    But naruto is HARLARIOUS!
    But Hinata is AWESOME!
    But then Kiba is SO funny!
    Akamaru is SO small and fun!
    Shikamaru is so… KOOL!

    But the person i like best is…
    ALL OF ‘EM!
    But my two favourites are Hinata and sasuke
    then kiba
    then naruto and shikamaru

  8. Posted by naruto-kun on 10.19.09 5:16 am

    they will never kill the others
    Naruto and Sasuke is so rock

  9. Posted by naruto-kun on 10.19.09 5:12 am

    sasuke can’t kill naruto
    if sasuke kill naruto i’ll kill him

  10. Posted by sakurablossom on 10.22.09 12:13 am

    hey watz up pplz

  11. Posted by Itachi Uchiah dragon on 10.29.09 11:38 am

    the real itachi is awsome hes just my avatar

  12. Posted by nick on 11.04.09 8:56 pm

    temari is sooooooo hot

  13. Posted by Alivio Maulidya Romifa on 11.22.09 3:00 am


  14. Posted by Julia on 12.02.09 8:29 am


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